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RICK HUGGINS, aka “Daddo”

Rick was named “Daddo” by Andrea -- one of her first words.  He likes to tease at home.  And, don’t think that there is something he won’t do.  Just ask Jane about the infamous peach puree incident.


Jane’s grandpa thought that the name Leslie sounded like a boy’s name.  So, her friends call her Leslie and family members call her Jane.  Any guess as to why people in the city where she grew up thought she was twins? 

NATHAN HUGGINS, aka “Squishy”

Nate loves being a twin.  When he and Spencer were five, Nate led Spencer out of their bedroom, both dressed alike.  Nate said, “You can’t tell us apart now.”  I guess they didn’t get the memo about being FRATERNAL twins.


Spence is the boy with the magic spot.  No matter what happens to him, if there is an injury involved, it is always the same spot on his forehead.  The boy has the hardest head known to man.  His cousin’s 3 black eyes prove it.


Andrea, our helpful little “Sweetness” loves school.  She is a great piano player.  Her favorite  is her family -- especially the dog, Lucy.  She likes to make everyone happy.  Her favorite phrase is,”Oh Snap!”.

LAYNA HUGGINS, aka “Turkey Bird”

Layna thinks she is the Queen and the rest of the world is here to serve her.  Her favorite phrase is, “I need chocolate milk!”  She just turned four and has one more year of preschool before she starts kindergarten.

LUCY, aka “McGillicuddy”

Lucy has the longest tongue that any of us have ever seen.  She loves playing with everyone.  You definitely need to make sure that you have a chew toy when you play with her.  Lucy’s favorite phrase is, “do you want a treat?”

ETHEL, aka “Mertz”

How can two black and tan dachshunds be so different?  Ethel is our first rescue puppy.  She is extremely lovable, but a little passive aggressive.  She does her best to squeeze between the other dogs and anyone willing to give a little tummy scratch!